At Gweladur we take your personal privacy very seriously, as you would read below!

This website (

It is currently a static site hosted on our own server. And Google Analytics is used to get anonymous statistics about visits.

We do not collect any of your personal data when you visit our website.

If you contact us via the website contact form, we get your email address and any information you deem necessary. Your email and the information that you provide, are kept internal to Gweladur and they are never shared with any third party.

The only exception is when you ask or agree to be part of iConsometre's beta tests as we should then share your email with Apple's TestFlight platform such as you can get access to iConsometre's early releases.

At any time, you can request that we erase the email exchanges that we might have kept for the sole purpose of further support.

iConsometre application

The data you enter into iConsometre are kept local to your device and they are never sent anywhere else unless you make that decision!

The exported CSV data files are only sent to the email you have selected: there is no hidden copy or transfer.

Database backups might be made in the iConsometre's document folder, where you, and only you, can access them.

Should you have any question or concern about our privacy policy, please don't hesitate to contact us via the website contact form!



To get an insight of iConsometre's features, please download the short user guide available for free:

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